Prague Hostels

Sophie’s Hostel
Sophie’s Hostel in Prague is the kind of place where you are going to always be given a warm welcome no matter how long you plan on staying there.

Hostel Rosemary
There are various apartments for two people all the way up to several sizes of dorms so there is going to be something suitable no matter what your own personal preferences or needs are going to be.

Hostel Dakura
Hostel Dakura has a number of facilities available to you at any given time and there is no doubt that it does then manage to make your stay there more pleasant.

Central Spot Prague
The different apartments are well looked after and they are going to provide you with a comfortable enough place to stay so you are certainly not going to be disappointed.

Chili Hostel
Overall, the Chili Hostel is going to give you a warm welcome and a comfortable bed and all within easy reach of the various important sights and places to check out in the city.